How Bali and Kali Kratom Capsules Are Reviewed For Their Effectiveness in Pain Management

Bali and Kali Kratom Capsules for Pain Management

To manage chronic pain the natural way is one of the reasons why there is a growing interest in Kratom. For the longest time, it has been used as a pain killer, even in the 1800s in areas where kratom is indigenous.   It has always helped manage and kill pain, if not numb a painful area enough for a person to live with it.

Here is a testimonial on how Kratom can help relieve pain for fibromyalgia sufferers.

Nowadays that it has been discovered in the western world, Kratom is becoming a beacon of hope for some chronic pain patients who are looking for alternatives to strong medications. This is because apart from causing dependence, and damage to internal organs when used long term, strong medication taken on a regular basis can cause intense withdrawal symptoms.

To pain patients, Kratom is a whole new hope that they can stop relying on expensive and strong medication. Like most herbs there are different strains of Kratom, and each strain has a specific purpose that can help certain illnesses, and meet some physiological needs like energy supplementation and mental alertness.

Bali Kratom is said to be one of the best strains for pain. In fact a growing number of Fibromyalgia patients are attesting to the fact that it has been helpful for them in staving off the whole body pain that they experience on a day to day basis. Fibromyalgia is a lifelong condition that causes muscoskeletal pain all over the body, and can even prompt psychological issues like depression. It can also cause weariness and anxiety on the patient as the cause of the pain that they feel all over the body cannot be explained.

Another reason why chronic pain patients are turning to Bali Kratom is because it is widely available. It is widely available compared to other strains because it is easier to propagate. Moreover, it is more affordable in relation to other types and strains of Kratom. Kali Maeng, Bali, And Vietnam Powder

Bali Kratom’s notable pain reliving properties also vary per strain, with some types having a sedative property, while others kill pain minus the sedation. Some strains kill anxiety and stress along with the pain.

The Bali Gold Kratom meanwhile is one of the most sought after type of Kratom which is highly effective when it comes to calming and relaxing its users. It also helps user attain a state of euphoria, and taken in greater doses, can induce sedation.  The euphoric feeling brought about by consuming Bali Gold Kratom has made a lot of fans out of this particular type of Bali Kratom. Imagine being without pain, and feeling happy? The stress is also replaced with a feeling of calmness, and the sedation helps the body get the rest that it needs.

How it helps relieve pain

Like all strains of kratom, the active components which are the Mitragynine and the 7-hydroxymitragynine help lower or reduce the perception of pain felt by the user. In a better sense too is that it does not cause withdrawal symptoms like most potent pain relievers, but it has the power to relieve pain even those considered chronic and high level.

Apart from the Mitragynine and the 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloids found in the various strains of Bali Kratom at differing amount, the Bali kratom is also believed to have an effect on the release of endorphins. Experts say the release of endorphins aid in the lower perception and sensitivity to pain brought about by acute and chronic illnesses and health concerns. Once the consumer gets to take his chosen strain of Kratom, his sensitivitry to pain and tolerance to it is said to get higher. Kratom Wiki

Dose of Kratom for pain

Most Kratom advocates advise first time users to try a 1.5 milligram dose at the onset so that they could test how their body would react to the specific strain. They can then adjust the dosage accordingly to achieve desired results. It will be helpful to carefully note the body response with a specific strain and dosage so that the consumer can accurately and effectively use Kratom as sometimes the effects of a specific dosage vary from person to person.

How to take Kratom for Pain

When taking kratom for pain, the most preferred method of ingestion is through capsule. Some users though prefer ingesting the powdered dose and drinking cold water after so that it will be easier for them to swallow. Some new users who may not have access to Bali Kratom meanwhile choose to mix the powdered form into their beverage to mask Kratom’s bitter taste. Usual choice of beverage are fruit-based or chocolate based smoothies or shake. Some meanwhile choose to include kratom in their soups, pastries, or desserts by mixing it in their usual recipe. Pastries that usually work best with kratom are cookies, butterscotch and revel bars, and brownies. The dosage will meanwhile be based on how much they will be eating of the Kratom-based dessert recipe or dish.

How Kratom Can Help in Pain Relief

Major pain: one of the traditional uses of Kratom is to treat pain.

Kratom has always been sought for its immense help in relieving pain. As early as the 19th century it has been used to treat musco skeletal pain, and in fact, traditionally, its extract has been used to numb pain as if it were a local anaesthetic.

Recent developments in the alternative medicine world has made patients with chronic pain reach for this herbal supplement that usually comes in powder, capsule or tea form as an alternative to their pain medicine.

Experts have gone great lengths to find out how Kratom can help in relieving pain. According to their findings mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine work together in attaching themselves to the opioid receptors to influence the brain’s pain perception. Moreover, researchers found out that the proteins of these two substances: the mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine also influences the part of the brain that governs over emotion regulation.

Given its immense popularity when it comes to pain relief, a growing number of individuals have been more than willing to try Kratom, and it is not just for minor aches and pains. Experts say that it is slowly becoming the choice of some patients when it comes to reducing or relieving chronic or acute pain in their body.

This popularity is due to the fact that more and more pain patients are looking for alternative to opioids which can cause adverse withdrawal symptoms. Apart from pain relief, these patients also go for Kratom because after relieving pain, it promotes relaxation of the muscles and the mind.

Kratom as traditional pain reliever

In reality, Kratom has always been used as a pain reliever. Some sort of analgesic even during the olden days as far back as the 1800s. It has been used for pain relief by South East Asian village people who have come to rely to it in relieving pain, in bringing down fever, and even in numbing certain areas of the body as if it were an anesthesia. 

As a pain reliever, the herbs are either chewed fresh or brewed as tea. It is then served to the patient and acts as an analgesic. As for local pain and wounds, the fresh leaves are pounded and applied to the area to help numb it, and promote better healing.

In its entry on Kratom, WikiPedia mentioned the Herb’s traditional use as a pain reliever. There they mentioned that as early as the 1800s, the plant has been utilized as a pain relieving herb.

Kratom is indeed an effective herbal medicine for pain relief that has been tested in many generations. In the western world, it is now slowly being discovered and is becoming an alternative to pain medications that can cause other illnesses or really adverse withdrawal reactions.