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Entertainment plays an important role in your life, one that is universal to all types of people in every segment of society.
Entertaining can do the following :

  • Provide you with invaluable moments, the sharing of your time, food, friends, acquaintances and families.
  • Provide you an avenue through which new relationships and memories are made. Ideas are exchanged, and business allicances are formed.
  • Lift your spirits by rescuing you from the sale old routine. You just never know what may transpire ! When you take time to enjoy the pleasure of another’s company, the possibilities are endless !

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Lets outline the important elements of entertaining and being entertained:


Polite dining at the table, whether for formal or informal, has been one of the codes of behavior that has always set human beings apart from other living creatures. Human beings may also be living organisms, but they think and converse with each other and this sets people apart from all other creatures. Nowhere else is the difference between nurture and nature more evident than in his eating manners and social behavior.

Say the words dining etiquette and many people conjure up images of old, stuffy rules of behavior at the dinner table. And long ago, those rigid rules were needed. Formal dining still reflects this level of etiquette, but today, dining has become simplified.

Table manners and dining etiquette are just a means to an end. Knowing how to enjoy the finer things in life – good company, good food, and good conversation – is the backbone of a great dining experience. Knowing proper etiquette simply gives you more confidence in embracing new dining experiences, whether its a dinner at Moroccos Restaurant in Mountain View, job interviews over a meal, or late night drinks with your best friends. Dining etiquette today is more important than ever.
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Being an outstanding host may come naturally for some, but we have developed and sharpened it at Moroccos Restaurant and we demonstrate that this skill can be learned. What does it mean to be an outstanding host? Simply make sure that your guests have a good time. Your guests take subconscious clues from you, so be comfortable. If you are laughing, talking to people, and having a good time, the chances are greater that they will as well.

A few specifics for throwing a favorable event :

  • Invitations should be specific and give guests enough details so they know what to expect. Check our calendar of events, a simple copy and paste of it with some customizing to your personal event should do just fine. Here is the link :
  • When making the menu selection, it is always courteous to ask if anybody has any food restrictions (Vegans, vegetarians, allergies, etc). when feasting with Morocco’s Restaurant on our endless family style dinner, rest assured that we will always customize the menu for those selected few at no extra cost. You are very welcome !
  • Be the first at the place of celebration, and greet your guests with a smile. should you be running late, call us at 650-968-1502, and we will be happy to take care of your guests while you are on your way: a complimentary wine tasting or a sangria tasting goes a long way !
  • A hostess never allows her guests to drink and then drive. If your guests have had too much to drink, call a taxi and take their car keys and put them up for the night. You can sleep much more soundly knowing everyone is safe. Morocco’s Restaurant can always help you with that. You can call anytime the following number as they are fast, courteous and always have given extra care to our guests 408-777-7777*. Our address of pick up is 873 Castro Street. Mountain View, CA 94041.

These are just some tidbits of information that will make your guests experience, and more importantly yours, much more enjoyable.

See you soon at Moroccos Restaurant.

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The romantic Moroccos Restaurant Mountain View is within a 5 minutes walk from the Mountain View Center of performing arts.

Check out their calendar of events:
to plan your pre or after dinner experience.

Moroccos Restaurant is happy to be open late to serve you better.
*408-777-7777 is Moroccos favorite cab services but Moroccos restaurant nor its affiliates are to be help responsible nor liable for any issues arising between Moroccos Restaurant patrons and 408-777-7777. Thank you.