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Green Bean Tagine

The tagine was the crockpot of ancient times.

This tagine is as flavorful and unique as it is nutritious. A simple combination of olive oil, onions, and pepper comes together to create a wonderfully seasoned, traditional green bean dish. It comes with a side of bread and can be enjoyed by itself, or as an addition to many of our other delicious plates.

Moroccan Small Plates / Kat3a

Moroccan Small Plates are to be enjoyed as an experience in itself or as an addition to your A La Carte or Family Style selection.

These are a slightly different, but still traditional way of eating in Morocco. We love them for their modest size, which leaves potential for multiplicity and variety.

2013 is for Expansion

6 years of try outs and errors, systems are set. The city of Mountain view blessed us with the authorization to have an outside patio which will allow us to increase the seating capacity.

I believe that it will allow me to remove the curse that our location has had (4 restaurants in 5 years), we sincerely hope that it will allow that side of the famous castro street to expand! Join our 6000+ facebook fans at to stay tuned!

Romance and Dining Out

How often do you treat your significant other to a night out on the town? My guess is not enough! With the hectic nature of our age it’s easy to get lost in the busy routine of daily living. Especially in Silicon Valley it’s all too common to become overly engaged in your career, leaving precious little time together with your lover. Many relationships fizzle out because that “spark” and spontaneity disappear. Wouldn’t you like to go back in time to relive the magic of your first date with your significant other? Don’t wait until the next anniversary or birthday to make it a special night, make the magic happen now!

For a taste of Moroccan cuisine, live entertainment, romance, and magic, visit Morocco’s Restaurant Mountain View. Check the calendar of events at

Downtown Mountain View

Every time I get to walk down Castro Street in Mountain View I’m taken away by the beautiful scenery. I’ve always been more of a city dweller, so the hustle and bustle of daily life here invigorates me. I also enjoy the diverse architecture of the building coupled with the patches of green in the small parks and trees. Taking a walk down Castro Street gives me a chance to clear my head and get ready for the day ahead. One of the pluses of being a public transit commuter.

For a taste of Moroccan cuisine and live entertainment, visit Morocco’s Restaurant Mountain View. Check the calendar of events at